Assistance for Research and Development Activities Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020

Gujarat has introduced several new assistance for the Research and development activities in the industrial units. This scheme will assist several Researcher units to prepare a proper platform in terms of development. Everything that comes under “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” will boost many companies and institutions using their research activities in Gujarat. They will get a direct benefit from the Gujarat Government under the latest Industrial Policy 2020. The new industrial policy is a game changer for several research units to enhance the development process in the industries.

This assistance will establish Gujarat as the industrial unit in the whole country and enhance the research activities. A committee set to consider several research and development teams’ applications and provide the necessary tools to create engaging things to invent new things. This assistance will come into force from 07.08.2020, which will remain active for up to five years.

Now let’s discuss different assistance schemes under this policy to strengthen the research and development institutions and units.

Assistance to Establish Research and Development Centers.

Multiple institutions that have the recognition of CSIR or DSIR bodies to be development centers. The institutions have the registration as a proprietorship or partnership firm. These institutions have to maintain their research activities on a large scale.

Activities that are eligible to be part of the assistance

  • R&D sectors with the main aim of performing scientific research in industrial units and other developments.
  • If a product development sector is there, establishing will have to perform the objectives to improve design and process.

These institutions will get the assistance of 30% in the investment of machinery, hardware, and other equipment that will be part of development. The assistance will be of a maximum of 5 crores, where the activities have to be done during the scheme.

Assistance to the Contract-Based Research Works.

If the eligible institutions will propose any research that can prepare some research in the business’s industrial units. Any activity that comes under SLEC will come under this scheme, and the activities will get the direct benefit from the Government of India.

Institutions that are eligible in the scheme.

  • Any institution that is recognized by CSIR/DSIR and performing resear4ch and development tasks.
  • The Government approves those institutions of Gujrat or the Government of India.
  • Institutions that are approved by AICTE in the field of research and development and autonomous colleges will also come under this scheme.
  • SLEC institutions can also be the part of these schemes to enhance the research activities.

Assistance to the Industrial Units to Establish the R&D Units in the State.

CSIR/DSIR approved institutions will be eligible to be part of the assistance. R&D institutions that are established or set up will get complete assistance from the Government of Gujarat. After submitting the proposal, the SLEC will scrutinize the applications to find the eligible institutions recommended by the Government.

R&D laboratories will be eligible to become part of this assistance working in the enhancement of industrial research.

The Government will give 60% project cost, and these laboratories will benefit from the assistance.

Conditions for the Industrial Research Assistance.

  • Any industry that is applying for the assistance should be registered under the applicable act.
  • These institutions should get the approval of CSIR or DSIR to be part of this scheme.
  • The applications should be submitted to the Industrial Commissionerate by attesting to DPR with the application and approval letter from the DSIR/CSIR.

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