top government grant and subsidy services in ahmedabad

Central Government

  1. ATUF Subsidy (Capital Subsidy – 10%/15%)
  2. Central Government- MOFPI- Capital Subsidy -Food Industry-(25%/33%/50%)
  3. CLCSS Subsidy (Capital Subsidy – 15%)
best government grant subsidy in ahmedabad

State Government – Gujarat

  1. Interest Subsidy (5%/7%)
  2. Capital Subsidy (15%/20%)
  3. Textile Subsidy
  4. Plastic Subsidy
  5. IT (Information technology) Policy
  6. SGST Subsidy (Incentive to Industries)
  7. Assistance to Agro & Food Processing Units
Project Finance Consultants in Ahmedabad

Term Loan

  • Project Finance (Term Loan Interest rate Starting from 8.50%)
  • Term Loan can be availed upto 75% of Cost of Plant & Machinery, Electrification, Cost of Land & Construction and Purchase of Building.
  • We arrange Term Loan where benefit of TUF Subsidy, Capital Subsidy, Interest subsidy & other subsidy becomes eligible.
  • Existing Term loan can be taken over to other bank with attractive interest rate cut benefit.